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BEING ABLE TO support you means so much to me. it's not just business...It's personal!

Think back to when you first had the idea for your business. You were inspired, EmpowHERed, maybe even a little afraid. You overcame obstacles, took that leap of faith and brought your dream to life!

But somewhere between the launch of your business and the day to day, you've become exhausted from doing it all. You lack the capacity to take on anymore tasks and time to create the brand elements you know you want. You've even neglected yourself in the process and given up on this "work/life balance" life people talk about. Freedom doesn't have to mean sacrificing your goals or vision. Freedom can be finding the perfect person to collaborate with, who already has the tools you need or is passionate about taking things over for you!

invest in your business but also invest in yourself...
i want to help you achieve both!

You know the saying, don't get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life?

being more thoughtful in "you" time and "biz" time

reigniting your inner boss essence

positively shifting your strategies and mindset

losing focus, creativity, and motivation

not feeling like your best self

experiencing burnout


Go from

taking back your time with content batched for you

achieving your brand potential

forgetting your why

becoming stagnant and overwhelmed


• Branding Kits

• Guides

• Courses

• Woman and Biz Inspo Items

My Etsy Shop:

Website Design ($2500)

• Website Redesign ($1500) 

• Monthly Website Maintenance ($250)

Social Media Branding ($749)

• Brand Templates (starting at $97)

Brand Strategies ($1575)
Development of your brand identity, awareness, and purpose; this also includes custom logos, brand colors, fonts, and marketing

Brand Copy ($1750)


ways to work together:

The SistHERhood:

• Wellness Challenges

• Mindfulness and Motivation

• Branding Tips

• Exclusive Self-Care Resources

• Supportive Community of and for Creative Womenpreneurs

"I loved working with jessica! she was so easy to communicate with and does such a fantastic job."

"She was the perfect person when I needed help with social media. I knew that I needed someone who knew what I needed since I felt lost. She gave me a plan for each week and then helped me stay on target. I especially loved how she was able to take a caption that I would write and make it better. The branding strategy help was awesome because she helped me focus more on one thing. And the highlight covers were beautiful. She helped with my bio, Linktree, and made my IG grid look so much better."

- Wendy Parrish: Photographer, Educator, and Cookbook Author

"her work is excellent, and my website is stunning. So many cool nooks and crannies!"

"She had a good handle on how to create in a way that sells well. It was also beautiful how well she captured my spirit and essence without even knowing me. She was divinely guided. A big thanks for starting me on my journey. "

- Lisa Pelonzi: Photographer, Educator, and Inspirational Speaker

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