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When I say all the things branding + self-care, I want you to feel good about your business and good about yourself. I'm sharing some of my favorite business tools and personal faves. Of course, I have some freebies for you too! 

Business Tools

This is what I use in my business day in and day out!

Ever wondered how people get such BEAUTIFUL emails? FloDesk doesn't disappoint. Take that branding to another level. Get 50% off!


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If you're a pre-planner like me, prepare to be AMAZED. Prepare content while your creative juices are flowing, and let it auto post for you. 


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This *AWESOME* tool is what I use to run my business. Use my exclusive referral link to get 20% off your plan for a year!


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Showit is so easy to navigate. Combine Showit with my templates and you'll be able to make the quality and presentation of your site POP!


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Now, you know I can't list my FAVORITE business tools and not list my girl Etsy. I use it to house templates within my shop. You can sell there too.


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You'll hear me mention the importance of a digital workspace and how it can POSITIVELY impact you and your biz. Give it a try!


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i created these downloads just for you & your biz!

Freebies for You // For undated digital planners to personalize

Apple Podcasts
 // For inspiration and knowledge

Calm Magnesium  // For when I'm really stressed

Teecino // For tea with a coffee flavor and none of the jitters

HelloFresh // For healthy meals but short on time

Canopy Humidifier and/or diffuser // For cleaner air

Yoga & Pure Barre // For my mind and body

Bible App Plans // For quality time with God and perspective

BRANDING tools // For custom printing
 // For promotional products // For biz swag (mailers, stickers, labels) // For client gifts that fit your brand
// For creating a store of your brand favorites (Influencer Program)


**Disclaimer: this is not advice; just what works for me friend!

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